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Best Photoshoot venues in Nairobi

Photoshoot venues in Nairobi

Looking for photoshoot venues in Nairobi can be challenging, whether you are a photographer, agency, tourist, or client. Some places can be costly for one to use hourly, whereas like some hotels might need you to book a room or space to use their location for the shoot. The article below shows some sites suitable for photography in Nairobi.


photographers in nairobi

It is one of the cheapest locations in Nairobi, costing about 1365 Kenyan shillings for photography charge. It has different types of trees with an excellent environmental surrounding. The grounds also act as a suitable venue to chill for a weekend or a free day and team-building activities. Click here for more photos from the shoot.


Karura forest, photoshoot spot in Nairobi

karura forestLocated along Limuru road, Karura forest is one of the biggest parks that boasts beautiful scenery. It has various species of trees, a cool breeze, and some waterfalls. Depending on your idea, most places offer nature scenery suitable for one who wants to initiate nature into their photoshoot. Camera charges cost around 2500 Kenyan shillings apart from the entrance fee.

photoshoot venues in nairobi photoshoot venues in nairobi photographers in nairobi

KICC rooftop

It is the highest rooftop accessible by the public in Nairobi, with a small entrance fee of 200kshs. One can opt for a creative shoot at the helipad rooftop area for people that want to have a city background in their photos or if you may want to get pictures of the Nairobi city view.
You get to have sightseeing in Nairobi city from the rooftop. The camera charge might be slightly high from 7500kshs(recommended to ask the authorities first if you plan to do a shoot there)

best photoshoot places in nairobi photoshoot venues in nairobi

Nairobi railway museum, photoshoot venue in Nairobi

It is a perfect venue containing Kenyan railway history. It has different sceneries that are appealing to creatives or anyone who may want to fuse art in their photoshoot. It is located in Nairobi CBD, and camera costs are usually 2500 Kenyan shillings apart from the entrance fee.

Giraffe center, photoshoot venue in Nairobi

One of the best places to incorporate a photoshoot with nature is here. It is located in the Karen area of Nairobi in a cool area next to the Giraffe manor. You can take photos while feeding giraffes or take advantage and pose when the giraffes are behind you from a distance. Apart from that, you can learn more about the different types of giraffes that we have.

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